Our Services

We offer, unique, one of a kind water features with superior quality and workmanship.  Below are just a few of our primary services:

*Bubblers (from rock, to ceramic pots, we have something for everyone)

*Pondless water features (for the visual and sound, just not the wildlife)

*Koi Water features

*Maintenance (we also offer yearly maintenance contracts)

*Landscaping and hardscaping, these are the finishing touches that complete the addition of any water feature to your yard.

*Lighting-this feature gives you round the clock enjoyment, a great add on to your scape.


Bubblers are a simple, easy way to add water to your landscape, they range from basic pots, to elaborate rocks and stone.  Maintenance is a snap as well.

Pondless & Pond

Deciding on pond or pondless may seem like an easy choice, but it really depends on the homeowners goal for their project.  Pondless are a great way to add sound and visuals of a larger water feature without the worry of wildlife, such as fish, frogs and birds coming into play.  Ponds bring life to your landscape, and contrary to most beliefs Ponds are just as easy to maintain, call me today and I can go over the pros and cons of each.