Small Ponds, Big Impact!

A lot of people think they need to have natural hills and large areas to have a pond and waterfall!  NOT TRUE!!  This feature was created in a perfectly flat backyard, small burms of dirt was added and with a little creativity the water feature was created to look like it was meant to be there!  Adding patios, walk ways and other hardscapes also help tie everything together to give you a relaxing place to hang out and listen to the water flow!  Call us today and lets make a plan for your back yard transformation!  336-382-0686 to schedule a consultation.




Covid -19 and us!

As our business responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remain a top priority!  We are committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers, while providing top safety measures on and off the job!  So were we might have shook your hand before, you will get a wave hello!  Our crew is washing hands before and after each stop, and anytime in between if they touch anything that is not part of their routine.  Evening and weekends our crew is staying in and keeping away from the risk of infection to  just to name a few!  We are doing our part to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We are thankful we get to do what we love during this most uncertain time, and we pray it brings a little peace in to your lives!

Stone & other projects

Whitaker Waterscapes  LLC loves to add elements of rock to their features, wheather it is a landscape stone here or there, or complete rock walk ways, patios or retaining walls, we have  you covered to completely transform your outdoor space.


Last Projects

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